Premium Hearing Aids
Made for the correction of mild to severe hearing loss

Clear, rich sound

Improved Speech Intelligibility In Noise

Now you can forget you’re wearing hearing aids. Enjoy Improved speech intelligibility in noise, less auditory strain, and superior sound quality from the first fitting.

Connect to smartphones, TVs, and other devices

Connects You Naturally 

Connect to smartphones, TVs, and other devices

Our Premium hearing aids connect directly to iOS or Android smartphones, as well as other Bluetooth® devices. Use them for hands-free calls, watching TV, listening to music and podcasts.

Feels Natural


Models with rechargeable battery technology are available in the Marvel lineup. They’re easy to use, fast to charge, and provide a full day’s worth of work, including streaming.

Ergonomic Design

Choose your color

Available in a wide variety of colours as unique as you are.

A Solution For Every Situation

Find the right model and performance level for you

Premium Hearing Aid

Premium Hearing aid Package:

One aid £1 600
Two aids £3 000

You will benefit from :

With up to 5 years warranty
Recharge hearing aids
Wide range selections of stiles and colors
Most sophisticated technology options
Connectivity with your smart digital devices
Allowing you to stream all phone calls directly to your ears
Free of charge help to connect your new aids to your smart devices
Helping you to focus on specific listening situations
Control of directionally
Control of clarity and minimisation of background noises

One on One Consultations

As a hearing health professional, I understand that every person’s hearing needs are unique, and therefore require an individualized approach. That’s why I offer 1-1 consultation services to cater to your specific needs. Unlike visiting your GP, I provide a tailored approach that is focused on your unique circumstances. Through personalized sessions, I offer a range of solutions to help you overcome your ear and hearing challenges, from tinnitus to ear pains and everything in between.
During our sessions, I will take the time to listen to you and understand your concerns. This will enable me to provide you with a personalized and customized solution that works best for you. With my extensive experience and knowledge in hearing health, I can offer you the guidance, support, and solutions you need to achieve optimal ear and hearing health.

So, if you’re looking for an individualized approach to your ear and hearing challenges, look no further than my 1-1 consultation services. Get in touch today to book your session, and let’s start working together towards better ear and hearing health!

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