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Online Hearing Aid Fit is not a substitute for a consultation with a hearing care professional, but it does provide you with a quick and useful understanding of your hearing condition.

How Hearing Aids Work

It is not uncommon for hearing loss to affect only one ear or both ears, but to varying degrees. A situation where only one ear is affected is called unilateral hearing loss, unilateral hearing loss (OST), or unilateral deafness (OSH) if it is a profound hearing loss. This condition is treated differently than hearing loss affecting both ears. There are special hearing correction solutions that help wirelessly transmit an audio signal to the ear that hears better.

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Remember hearing test is not a substitute for a consultation

We may not notice hearing loss until it begins to affect our lives. When a person has trouble understanding the speech of colleagues, friends, or family members, or hearing sounds, they may miss important moments in life.

Take an online hearing test  from the comfort of your own home. Later, you can discuss the results of this test with Marina who will assess your eligibility for hearing aids. Further comprehensive examination, fitting and adjustment of hearing aids take place online with our specialist. With a online alternative to a in-person visits, you can benefit from hearing care services tailored to your individual needs, with full access to professional expertise and personalized insights.

If you want to see an audiologist in your area instead of getting your hearing tested online, go to we highly recommend you  visit your local Specialist

How to get the most out of this test?

Before starting a hearing test, make sure you are in a quiet room
Use headphones instead of built-in speakers and set the volume to 50%.

How Online Hearing Testing Works
The first part of the test measures how well you can hear sounds of different frequencies. You’ll hear several beeps of varying frequency. You’ll need to adjust the volume until you hear a sound.

In the second part of the test, we will ask you a series of questions about your ability to hear in a challenging acoustic environment.

After that, you will receive the results of your hearing test and instructions on what to do next if we find signs of hearing loss.

What to expect at your first consultation appointment
We care about your hearing. We are concerned about the problems you may have due to hearing loss. We want to help you. Hearing loss is most often natural and should not be feared. We’ll help you hear better with easy and professional online solution.

I have hearing loss, what should I do?

Our Experts are available to help you with whatever you need with getting your hearing aid fitted. 

Send us an email or contact us via Telegram with your questions or query. 

The first step is to consult an audiologist or specialist. Then choose your package and book a consultation with Marian. She will help you find the right solution. You talk about your problems, and she listen to you.

After you talk about your condition, we’ll  compare the results with your concerns to ensure that our data is relevant to your story and make the most appropriate recommendations for you.

We will make recommendations based on what you’ve told us and your test. Ultimately, it is up to YOU to decide which option is best for you. Deciding on a package that is suitable for you in all aspects should take into account the specifics of your life: family, work, communication, etc.

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